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The Games And Soap Opera Of Kurt Daudt

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 09/29/17 00:49

by Dave Mindeman

Kurt Daudt continues to escalate the impasse. He responded to the Dayton op-ed in the Star Tribune with his own - in which he stated this:

As he left the mediation room, it became shockingly clear to me what really upset the governor is that he did not completely eliminate the Legislature. This should disturb everyone.

As usual, Daudt uses extreme language to further his aims. Dayton's intent from the very beginning of this dispute was to bring the legislature back to talks about disagreements without shutting down the government.

As usual, Daudt has tricks up his sleeve which allow the legislature to continue funding itself without the funding that was line item vetoed....

The governor claimed he was surprised to learn that the Legislature may be forced to dip into the appropriations to the Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC) to survive a little longer. We did not hide this from the courts or the governor, and it was wrong for the governor to say we did. The governor and his attorneys have argued since June that his vetoes are constitutional because the House and Senate may be able to take funds from the LCC.

The LCC funds support a lot of legislative offices, and is not meant to be a funding source for day to day legislature funding. But Daudt appears to have decided on using this from the beginning when forced to disclose his plan by the court. He never intended to talk with the governor or negotiate. He has simply decided to frame this dispute as the governor trying to "eliminate" the legislative branch.

Shameless political stunt. But that is how Daudt always operates. Everything he does is politically calculated. He is the epitome of the hyper partisan nature of politics today.

Daudt plans to continue this charade as long as the courts allow it. If it goes into the next session, they will pass a measure to restore those funds and, once again, intentionally force a showdown with the Governor.

Daudt has turned legislating into a 24 hour soap opera. And like the writers of any good soap opera, he looks for that unusual plot twist that will give him the best ratings. He doesn't care about simple governing. About actually getting things done for the people of Minnesota. He wants drama but most of all, to win.

Politics is a game to Kurt Daudt and because of his position - we all have to play.

We need to stop this nonsense as soon as possible.
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Coup D'etat

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 09/27/17 19:13

by Dave Mindeman

We are only touching the surface of the Russian attack on our democracy. The social media assault was way more effective than we care to believe, but its scope and reach are now coming into view.

Because of our electoral college system, you can win an election with a minority vote. You simply have to target key states that can make that path to 270. If you have a social media strategy which "looks" like it is coming from a grass roots level, you can forge a false coalition that can win key voting areas. With social media you can micro target - something that has never been done on such a large scale.

You won't see the Facebook ads appear in any campaign finance report, because the Russians disguised them as coming from local individuals (it was a feeble attempt to disguise).

The key is that without the knowledge of the quantity of these ads and where they were being targeted, it became a one sided propaganda campaign. And worse, the massive number of fake sites sucked people in with unrefuted lies and false stories.

We, as a people, are as susceptible to propaganda as any Russian electorate. Madison Avenue will show you the proof. But when the narrative has two sides and can be challenged, we can usually discern what is true. In areas of the Midwest, that narrative was only coming one way.

Facebook may have realized their error here because they eliminated hundreds of fake sites during the German political campaign. This type of strategy is just as much of an attack on our system as any computer hack or voting machine anomaly.

We have an illegitimate President. Bought and paid for by Russian interference and very possibly, all of it could be a conspiracy in which Trump or at least part of his campaign colluded for a false result.

If you look at an election in which one candidate can garner 3 million more votes then the opponent - and still not be President - you have an attack of such magnitude that it could be compared to a coup d'etat.

Trump wants to shut the Russian investigation down. That cannot be allowed. We have to find out the truth - no matter where it leads.
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A Call For Puerto Rican Statehood

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 09/26/17 05:34, Edited: 09/26/17 05:35

by Dave Mindeman

Puerto Rico is being abandoned.

There are 3.5 million US citizens on the island of Puerto Rico. It has been a tropical paradise and an excellent vacation destination for mainland citizens. But Puerto Rico has been devastated by a hurricane...and devastated is not even the proper vocabulary for this. All of this comes on top of a financial crisis that Puerto Rico was already trying to deal with...massive, unpayable debt.

How are they ever going to recover from all of that?

The debt load would have a solution for citizenry on the mainland. There would be a bankruptcy declaration and a restructuring of the debt. But Puerto Rico cannot do that - only STATES can do that. Thus, Puerto Rico is at the mercy of the US banking system.

Now, after Maria, Puerto Rico not only faces a financial disaster, but their very survival. People are suffering right now. No power. Minimal shelter. Even food and water are in doubt.

Unlike the devastation in Houston and Florida, the governmental response has been muted. Yes, the logistics of an island make things more difficult...but that is why the response should be the same as if we had American citizens trapped anywhere else in the world - every piece of military hardware and civilian medical and emergency efforts should be brought together in crisis mode.

The idea that 3.5 million American citizens can be left in such circumstances cannot be acceptable. Trump seems to be too busy chastising football players to get his attention diverted to the island devastation - but once again the American people must force him to listen.

We have taken Puerto Rico for granted for far too long. They are US citizens but with no representation in our government.

That is flat out wrong. Maybe instead of tea being thrown in the harbor, we can change it to rum - because this is every bit of a "taxation without representation" problem that we fought a revolution over, 250 years ago.

Listen to our citizens in the Caribbean. They need our help immediately for their current situation and our support for granting them statehood later.
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