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Minnesota Has Its Own Fox News - Alpha News

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 10/28/17 15:26

by Dave Mindeman

Minnesota has its own version of Fox News. It's called Alpha News and they have the same MO when it comes to "news". They tried to destroy the campaign of Ilhan Omar when she first came on the scene. And now they are trying to provide their guilt by association tar and feather machine to Gov. Dayton and Al Franken. Their latest article is here:

Minnesota's Connection to the Trump Dossier

This is so absurd that I even hate to bring it up...but with this outlet, we are only to going to get more of the same.

Their supposed "connection" is through Marc Elias...

The report by the Washington Post alleges Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Marc Elias hired Fusion GPS in Washington D.C. to dig up dirt on Trump and his campaign in April 2016. Fusion then hired former MI-6 and British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to find connections to Russia.

They left off the part that says the Fusion hire originally came from a conservative site - now revealed as the Washington Beacon - and they also left out that Elias "retained" the firm - which means he did not know what they had. And in addition, the "news organization" does not mention that although the Clinton campaign and the DNC did contribute to the payments, they also did not know what Fusion had or was working on at the time.

Minor technicalities. It goes on.

He (Elias) also represented Minnesota Sen. Al Franken in his recount fight in 2008 against Norm Coleman and Gov. Mark Dayton in his recount efforts against now congressman Rep. Tom Emmer.

Objection! Relevance!

Alpha News forgets to mention that Elias, at the time, was a recount specialist and that the recounts were nearly a decade prior to these Fusion GPS revelations. How Franken and Dayton could possibly have a "Russian" connection is ludicrous.

Then this "news" organization retells the Franken recount story using the phrases "voter fraud"...."ballots in her car"...."ballot errors". Once again, all of this predates Russian collusion by nearly a decade.

If Alpha News is going to continue this type of Democratic character assassination - especially with dubious facts and bogus connections - then I would hope that they will be relegated to the places they belong....like the National Enquirer, RF Media, and TASS.

Information and truth are precious commodities. Politics seems allergic to both.
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Fox News Is The American TASS

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 10/28/17 08:07

by Dave Mindeman

I imagine few of you remember what TASS was. For those of you who don't, it was a Soviet Union owned news agency. There was a time that TASS employed over 2,000 journalists - which in reality were Soviet informants.

TASS was an instrument of Soviet propaganda. The agency was the only source of news for the Russian people and its "news" was only pro-Soviet.

TASS still exists but its propaganda mission has been enhanced by other Russian outlets like RT and Sputnik. They manage to give the Russian people and anyone else who will listen a propaganda message that denigrates the West and promotes Putin directly.

Well, this propaganda model now has an American equivalent. It is Fox News. The Roger Ailes inspired organization now gives only lip service to "actual news" and instead has become a Trump surrogate on a national scale.

When Trump talks about "fake news", Fox is not included. He watches their affiliates - calls in directly. Retweets things they talk about. And quite frankly, gets some of his policy ideas from their analysts.

Like Trump, Fox gives only token adherence to the truth - and puts a Trump slant on everything. The same criticism that conservatives have used against the mainstream media regarding bias - is actually true of Fox.

And I hope you notice that I used the term Trump slant rather than conservative slant. That's because Fox can hardly be considered a real conservative media organization anymore. They discredit conservative critics of Trump and slant their interpretation to the offical White House line.

While most people that crunch the news can easily figure out their bias, there are millions of Americans who take their "preaching" as gospel. They are told to never trust anyone else - and to especially trust what Trump tells them. Many of these people never watch anything else. It is all they know.

TASS had a monopoly on viewers and readers because the Soviet government suppressed everything else. In America, the Trump government can't be quite so blatant, but they manage to keep their grip on a large segment of the American population anyway.

If Trump stays in office, it is only a matter of time before Fox becomes an actual TASS government sanctioned entity.

It could happen.
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Disappointment With General Kelly

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 10/20/17 21:15, Edited: 10/20/17 21:16

by Dave Mindeman

Something struck me about General Kelly's "defense" of Trump at the press briefing yesterday. Here is a quote that caught my attention:

"When I was a kid growing up, a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred. They were looked upon with great honor. That's obviously not the case anymore, as we see from recent cases. Life, the dignity of life was sacred - that's gone. Religion - that seems to be gone as well. Gold Star families - that left at the convention over the summer. I just thought that selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die on the battlefield..I just thought that that might still be sacred."

That little speech was reported as "moving" and "solemn". General Kelly was trying to be thoughtful and retrospective. And maybe to him, it was very true.

But all I could think of, as he spoke, was well these things....

Women - Access Hollywood

Life - risking lives with health insurance; callous disregard for deaths of soldiers. Mismanagement of recovery in Puerto Rico, putting lives at risk.

Religion - does anyone truly believe that Trump is serious about his faith? I remember the words of my pastor from my youth: Anyone can say the right words - your deeds are what demonstrates your faith.

Gold Star families - The Khans

Deaths on the Battlefield - Whether or not Trump speaks to the families of the fallen is not the true test. It is more about how and why you put our soldiers in harm's way. Tell us the truth about Niger.

General Kelly's words, to me, were just a confirmation of Trump's many failures as a person and as a President. For General Kelly to use that moment to disparage a sitting Congresswoman's reputation is unconscienable. He joined in more of Trump lies in order to defend a President who is not worthy to defend.

We were told that General Kelly was going to be the "adult in the room" - but, as it turns out, Trump is just pulling him down into the swamp.
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