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Gun Safety Advocates Need To Put Their Votes Into Action

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 02/25/18 20:38, Edited: 02/25/18 20:58

by Dave Mindeman

There isn't much that makes me angrier than this stupid suggestion that teachers should be armed and made responsible for protecting kids from gunmen.

Republicans shouldn't pretend that all of a sudden they have some profound respect for the teaching profession and trust them implicitly with saving children in a life or death situation. Damn hypocrites.

They refuse to pay teacher's what they are worth. They cut the funding on basic supplies. They refuse to add funding for school mental health counselors. They get blamed for disciplinary problems...for student failures.....for sub-standard sex education...for what books should or shouldn't be read....and for high parental expectations without parental involvement.

But now, they are the next scapegoat for doing nothing about guns. Republicans know that arming teachers is a ridiculous notion. But they think that people will be distracted by the possibility. That they will be able to change the subject when it comes to guns. Don't take guns off the street - just put more in the schools.

It is assinine. It is hypocritical. And it just adds to the danger.

Stop it. Just stop the insanity. We all know that avoiding the subject of gun proliferation is a smokescreen from gun manufacturers and their congressional campaign donation recipients.

Gun safety laws aren't any threat to the 2nd Amendment. But the more we hide behind that amendment to protect ALL of our 300 million guns, the more dangerous we make America.

No loophole background checks, an enhanced and efficient data system, banning gun stocks, an assault weapons ban are sensible gun regulations which will help save lives. They will not prevent every single shooting incident - we know that. But it will stop more than we do now.

And in addition, we need to stop stupid laws like conceal/carry reciprocity, stand your ground, and refusing to allow gun safety studies by the CDC.

Again, we need common sense and reasonable measures that will take the most lethal weapons out of the hands of the people most likely to abuse them.

I do not understand why responsible gun owners are made to feel threatened by these common sense remedies. But then, I do know why. It is the gun lobby, the NRA, the gun manufacturers who spread the ridiculous notion that their legally obtained guns via proper checks will be taken away if ANYTHING is changed.

The dialogue is always poisoned. The debate unfair and not reasonable. This is about our kids and public safety. The most basic right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Parkland victims were deprived of that basic right because we, as a society, are too cowardly to act.

No more. No more dead students. No more fearmongering. No more threats. No more intimidation.

The majority of America, the 70 to 90% who want gun reform, need to do more that just give an opinion.

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File That Court Suit Against Fischbach

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 02/23/18 22:53

by Dave Mindeman

Just a quick thought about Michele Fischbach as Senator and Lt. Governor.

This is kind of messy. The Democrats must either challenge this or it will be left as the new precedent. It opens a lot of questions about legislation passed in the Senate by a close vote. Fischbach may be casting votes that she is not entitled to do. And when she is chief author of a bill...well it could get complicated.

Bakk and the Senate leadership really need to move this to a court venue. The law should be clearly established in this method and make it clear where we stand.

In addition, if the court would rule that Fischbach cannot hold both offices and an injunction would move her out of the Senate. At least temporarily.

And by temporary, I mean for the entire 2018 session. A special election to replace Fischbach could not possibly happen prior to the end of this short session. So the Senate would be a tie at 33-33.

So, by accident, the Senate would be FORCED to cooperate in a bipartisan manner. Negotiation between the two parties would have to look for an actual remedy rather than just make partisan charges in the press.

Bakk is making a mistake to sit on this. But then, that is nothing new during his leadership tenure.
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Volunteers As Young As 21 "Protecting" Osseo Schools

Category: Guns
Posted: 02/23/18 21:54

by Dave Mindeman

A lot of people are fed up with school shootings and want something done. Well, the Osseo School District School Board Chair, Robert Gerhart, has a plan.

Gerhart proposed that volunteers 21 and older who have a permit to carry a weapon be allowed to patrol the district's buildings. The volunteers would provide their own firearms. They would have to pass a background check and complete a firearms safety course and show proficiency on a shooting range with a certified instructor.

Wow. Here is an action guy. Volunteers patrolling the schools...with weapons and as young as 21.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

Well, pretty much everything. The people who are going to volunteer for this without pay, are going to be just about every trigger happy Rambo in the general vicinity. With delusions of blowing the bad guys away it is only a matter of time before someone makes a mistake and draws their weapon for just about any mundane reason imaginable.

Students need protection, but students also do some stupid things. And seeing guys (and I am betting heavily that this will be a guy thing) walking around with weapons (kind of concealed) is a ripe scenario for trouble.

This kind of job is going to be a boring one. There is a small chance that any school is targeted, but if it is, you need people who are experienced...are ready....and can stay calm in the worst situation.

A 21 year old with a gun in a security situation is just begging for an opportunity to be a "hero" and when actually confronted in a real scenario will more than likely fail.

If you want to protect a school, limit entrance to one door and establish a metal detector there with trained professionals.

And good luck getting the funding, because when it comes to ponying up for REAL protection, those in power are the real cowards.
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